Toby is the brother of Felicity of The Grim Adventures with Billy, Mandy, Felicity and Toby.


He's an intelligent, deadpan boy with a bigger brain. He hates girly things and loves robots, dinosaurs, history and reading. He finds Mandy very unique and Billy idiotic. He loves building Rego bricks and creating them just for fun. He loves to carry books around. He is a bit laid-back like his sister.


He has light skin, brown eyes and black hair. He wears glasses. He wears a blue school shirt, black pants and yellow sneakers.


  • It is revealed that he's being called a loser by Mindy.
  • Like Mandy, he's very intelligent.
  • Unlike Billy, he doesn't pick his nose and finds it very "gross".
  • It is revealed that his enemies are Mindy and Sperg.
  • Like Billy, he goes to Endsville Elementary School.
  • He is similar to Mandy.