[Theme Music Playing In Background]

Billy appears being drawn 1st, then Mandy...

[Theme Music Ends]

Mandy walks right out of the entire black screen.

Mandy: "Note to self: never sit under anything explosive."

[Loud Explosion]

[Episode Title Card Theme Music Playing In Background]

Scene 1: The playground at Endsville ParkEdit

The camera zooms in on Billy, Mandy, Irwin and Pudd'n playing Frisbee.

Billy: "Hey, Irwin, catch the Frisbee!"

Billy throws the blue Frisbee over to Irwin.

Irwin: "Wow, this game is pure awesome, yo, we can play Frisbee all day long."

Irwin throws it over to Pud'n.

Pudd'n: "It's super thrilling."

Pudd'n throws it over to Mandy.

Mandy: "Alright, boys, less speaking, more Frisbee throwing."

[Sounds Of Raspberry Noises]

Irwin: "Hey, who just did that?"

Billy: "It wasn't me."

Pudd'n: "It couldn't have been me either."

Mandy: "Well, if isn't any of you, then who's making that disturbing sound?"

Billy, Mandy, Irwin and Pudd'n look around and see that the Invisible Duck has just returned.

Invisible Duck: [Raspberry Sounds]

Irwin: "Hey, it's the Invisible Duck, yo."

Billy: "I always knew there was something fishy about that creep."

Mandy: "Well, we'd better let Grim know about this."

Scene 2: The Jefferson family's houseEdit

Grim: (from inside the house) "So, de Invisible Duck has returned, right, guys?"

Mandy: "That's right, Grim, and it just came back when we were playing Frisbee outside."

Grim: "We'd better try and keep it from wandering off."