• Grim Reaper
  • Mike Daniels: Mike is Billy's replacement unlike Billy he's smart and has sense he is scared of these weird adventures but tends to have fun he's a target for bullying and is kinda clumsy but has a heart and is creeped out by Thursday one of his friends. He is similar to Billy.
  • Thursday Winslow: Thursday is a emotionless deadpan pale looking goth Girl like Mandy she doesn't smile that much only sometimes she is interested in creepy scary things and she is known as a "freak" by her nemesis Lola Bering. Thursday is more like a leader and is smarter. she has her hatred for pink, flowers, unicorns, or anything Girly, cute and pretty. she likes spiders, the color black and being goth. She is similar to Mandy.
  • Carlos Pacma: Carlos is a nerdy boy who has a huge crush on Thursday he is more of a brave one then Mike is and is not afraid to stand up to bullies he nicknames Grim "death" or Reap. He is similar to Irwin.


  • Lewis Squad: Lewis is a school bully who picks on Mike and Carlos by giving them wedgies and beaten them Lewis is scared of Thursday he also has a wild dog. He is similar to Sperg.
  • Lola Bering: Lola is Thursday's nemesis she's a popular stuck-up upper class spoiled rich girl she considers Thursday as a "freak" she's worst than Mindy she has blonde hair and is tan-skinned she enjoys bullying insulting and mocking Thursday. she hates Thursday with a passion. She is similar to Mindy.
  • Brandy McBride: A boy in class who has red hair and is kinda clumsy. He is a bullying victim of Lewis. He is similar to Pud'n.
  • Mrs. Sadie Twitty: A teacher in class who has thick glasses and yellow hair. She is similar to Mrs. Butterbean.