Some Crazy Poltergeist is an episode of The Grim Adventures with Billy, Mandy, Felicity and Toby.


Felicity and Toby see unusual happenings in the middle of the night and Mandy told them it was a Poltergeist, a ghost who is known to play random pranks on people. Billy, Mandy, Felicity and Toby turn to Hoss Delgado to solve the mystery.


Note: I'm running out of ideas for the plot, so I decided a better idea.

That night, Felicity took a shower and she tries to get the towel, an invisible presence gave Felicity the towel. She lets out of a shocked expression, Toby told Felicity that she looked like she's seen a ghost. Felicity told him it was a poltergeist. As they get out of the shower, all they see in their rooms are books that are stacked upwards in a strange way. They both screamed loudly from the top of their lungs. Their parents realize the ghost was haunting their precious house. They tell the kids to go back to sleep and say that there are no such thing as ghosts nor poltergeists. As they sleep, Mandy finds her books stacked in a weird way.

As they woke up, Mandy finds stacked upward books and Felicity and Toby noticed the same thing. Mandy realizes in her house was an invisible ghost who is very friendly and very michevious. Cheyenne realizes that she was haunted, too. The chairs are stacked in a strange way. At school, Felicity and her friends talked about the legend of the poltergeist, a ghost who makes noises, assault people, and makes objects fly around and move around.



Some Crazy Poltergeist/Transcript


  • The first appearance of Poltergeist.