[After when the theme song plays, Mandy walks to the right of the screen]

  • Mandy: Now clear your minds. It knows what scares you. It has from the very beginning. Don't give it any help, it knows too much already.

[The title card appears in a gray screen with a scythe with blood dripping all over it from the bottom of the red puddle of blood. It has red letters that said "Felicity and Toby Meet the Reaper"]

[The scene cuts to Felicity in the locker hallways with her friends Kaitlyn and Brielle]

  • Felicity: Why hello, Kaitlyn and Brielle.
  • Brielle: Hi there, Felicity. Do you know the Grim Reaper?
  • Felicity: Yeah.
  • Kaitlyn: So, you know your brother, Toby being friends with Billy and Mandy?
  • Felicity: [nods her head]

[Sonnet shows up]

  • Sonnet: Well, well it wasn't the perky goth and the two friends.
  • Felicity: I'm the goth and I'm always happy!
  • Sonnet: So your smarty-pants brother isn't really the same?
  • Felicity: Yeah! You are like Mindy!
  • Sonnet: Mindy? I'm not Mindy and I'm like her own personality, duh!
  • Kaitlyn: Leave Felicity alone!
  • Brielle: Yeah! You're the Mindy here!
  • Sonnet: Ha! You're pathetic!
  • Kaitlyn: Beat it! You know spoiled rich girls.
  • Felicity: Sonnet, leave me alone!
  • Sonnet (sarcastically): Oh, okay! Go ahead and mess with people without permission.

[Declan shows up]

  • Declan: Hey! Leave Felicity alone!
  • Sonnet: Who is that dork anyway?
  • Felicity: Declan. He's like Irwin, Toby's friend.
  • Declan: I'm the protector of innocence so I will protect you alot! Leave Felicity alone! Stay away from her!
  • Sonnet: Later, loser!

[Sonnet leaves]

  • Felicity: Thanks for protecting me.
  • Declan: You're welcome.
  • Mrs. Winterwad: Thank you, Declan for protecting Felicity from the spoiled it girl!
  • Declan: My pleasure, lady.
  • Mrs. Winterwad: Okay, Felicity. It's time for you to go, now.
  • Felicity: I know. Later.
  • Kaitlyn: Bye, Felicity!

[Meanwhile, Felicity walks home from school and comes over to her house]

  • Cheyenne: Why hello there, sweetie pie.
  • Felicity: Hi, mom.
  • Daryl: How was school?
  • Felicity: It was great!

[Toby walks inside the house]

  • Cheyenne: Hi, Toby. How was school?
  • Toby: It is amazing! I was being so smart for taking an awesome test. And I got an A!
  • Cheyenne: Good job!
  • Daryl: Is Mrs. Butterbean being nice to you?
  • Toby: Yeah right!
  • Cheyenne: Well, okay. I bet Billy and Mandy are being nice to you, aren't you?
  • Felicity: Yes. He's my brother who wears glasses, is being smart and has black hair, just like me.
  • Daryl: Sounds pretty great.
  • Felicity: I know! Declan protected me from the meanest girl in the world, Sonnet!
  • Cheyenne: Who's Sonnet?
  • Toby: A queen bee, it girl and a spoiled, snobby rich queen.
  • Daryl: Sounds cool. Do you want to go play outside with your friends, lately?
  • Toby: Dad, I loved to!
  • Cheyenne: Say, does the Grim Reaper actually exist?
  • Felicity: Yup! I know I'm happy. All monsters do exist in Endsville. We have zombies, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, dhampirs, Frankenstein's monster, mummies, Medusa, Eris, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, gargoyles and many others.
  • Daryl: And what about the Sea Monster?
  • Felicity: A sea monster is a creature everyone has a proof that it did or didn't exist anymore. He's the monster who lives in the sea.