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The camera shows the town. The sun was shown large as it was hot that time.

Narrator: Ah, the Sunshine Town ! Everyone happy this time of the year !

The camera shows people dying of hot.

Narrator: Let's see what Billy the Kid is up to now.

The camera changes to Billy the Kid's room with an Air Conditioner.

Narrator: Billy the Kid !? Where are you, Billy ?

Harold: I think he's at bathroom.

The camera zooms in the air conditioner. Inside it was a frozen Billy.

Narrator: Ah, Billy, there you are ? Come out at once.

Billy started shaking his teeth.

Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for The Billy the Kid Movie !

The camera shows the movie logo. And then changes the scene to the north where Chief Irwin & Mandy Bandit were having a party.

Chief Irwin: And now that we have done our party, the chief shall kiss the girl !

Tribe: Yeah !

And as Irwin as going to kiss Mandy, they were stopped by an old man.

Man: Stop this Party ! A meteoroid is coming towards this way !

Irwin: Darn ! The meteoroid can come later, though.

As Irwin was thinking this, everyone including Mandy moved away from him and the rock crashed on him.

Irwin: Ahh !!!!!!!!!!!! You fools !

Man: Legend says 10,000 years later, comes this meteoroid with some ancient writings that will say the future of the world ! The writings say a force of evil is rising and only a big nose can stop it.

Mandy: We are evil, but we don't know about what is this ! So, it isn't us !

Irwin: Can anyone stop reading and move the boulder please ?

Mandy: No !

The scene changed back to Billy's house.

Nergal Junior: What is that you wanted to do? Ha Ha! Rule the World !?