Billy and Mandy and CN have fallen apart and the whole universe has gone to violence. Billy, Mandy and Irwin had formed a gang called Death's Army, while some of the other shows have joined gangs. After the gangs were made, they wanted to make more money and take over their turf. Billy and Mandy have decided to take this turf war to the max, andd take over the other gangs


Bones: The Bones are the gang the Ed, Edd n Eddy universe has created. the Bones are considered the urbanized gang, not to high tech but not too rugged. Their initiation was to survive a beatdown between two lines, and if you survive, you become a thug or street marine in their lingo.

Main weapons: AKS-47, Tec-9, Colt 45

Einsteins: The Einsteins are the gang the Dexter's Laboratory universe has created. they are the more high tech gang, since the gang is made of nerds and honor students. Because they are high tech, they are considered the most military-like gang. Their initiation is to solve a algebraic question while being beatdown.

Main weapons: M4A1 (Holographic scope), UMP45 (ACOG scope) fully automatic Glock 18

Death's Army: Death's Army are the gang The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy has created. This gang is a more deathly and stupid gang, not really bright soldiers on the front line. This gang is a not-so-much regular gang as it is a juvenile convicts gang, who had broken out of juvey and took control. This initiation is to survive a beatdown with the bruisers of the gang.

Main weapons: Mossberg shotgun, micro desert eagle, baseball bat.