Battle Royale II: Endsville is a sequel and spin-off of Battle Royale: Peach Creek. Taking place a year after the Program Peach Creek Jr. High went to, Battle Royale II: Endsville begins with the 9th Grade Class of Endsville Middle School going on a supposed 'graduation trip' to Peach Creek. But, instead they are transferred to the new Program. But, instead of fighting to the death, they are going off to war for 72 hours, going after Eddy McGee and his new Resistance.


Billy: The Protagonist of the fiction, Billy is the best friend of Mandy. The events that happened when he was twelve were figments of his imagination, and when he turned fifteen, he had gotten a Brain Matter Transfer, which added to Billy's intelligence. He became smarter and finally was getting by in school, but the surgery altered his mind and he couldn't control his temper anymore. That year, Grim was deported back to Jamaica because of the new law in America. He is one of the students to participate in Battle Royale II.

Mandy: Mandy is the deuteragonist and minor antagonist of the fiction. Mandy volunteered for the Program, not knowing her class would be the next class in the Program. Her parents were killed in a bombing by Eddy's resistance group and so were Billy's. She didn't care for her parents, but an instinct inside her led her to seek revenge for their deaths. Her and Billy's legal guardian Mentor, who's nickname was the Grim Reaper, had left to Jamaica because of the deportation law. She thought he left her because he didn't like them anymore, so she grew a vendetta against him. Irwin Jenkins has a crush on her, and he tries to hit on her, but to no avail.

Irwin: Irwin is an antagonist of the fiction. He and Billy were once best friends, but after Billy's operation, he noticed Irwin always trying to run him into the ground, and he broke off the friendship. Irwin tries his best to prove he's cool, but no matter how hard he tries, he can't do it. He constantly gets on Billy's nerves and he usually gets punched for it, but he still goes on. His non-existant ego constantly surfaces, and tries to make his doings seem better than Billy's.