One day, a baby boy was wandering through the forest outside Endsville, he had blonde hair and wore a diaper. Max didn't get very far when he encountered a grey squirrel with a big black shiny nose. The squirrel scuttled up a tree. Max unfortunately couldn't climb, but he spied a door at the bottom of the tree. It was too small for Max, however he could shrink himself at will. He did so and toddled up to the door and knocked on it. An elderly purple squirrel answered it cautiously. He had Grim constantly trying to bribe him with nuts to come out because it was long since he should have kicked the bucket. Of course the wily, old squirrel knew of Grim's predicament and decided to not let Reaper do his job, he was quite happy living forever. He would be 200 in squirrel years next week.

He carefully looked about for any signs of that bonehead before noticing the baby sitting in front of him. He had to adjust his glasses to see clearly.

He chittered, scraping his enormous buck teeth together. Max cooed as he was picked up and taken inside.

Max found to his surprise that the inside of the tree was furnished like a human home. Squirrels are smarter than I thought! He thought. Just as he was admiring the thought of super intelligent squirrels, he was plonked into a playpen. The soft springy net lined box was filled with tiny baby squirrels in diapers. The little grey squirrels had big round shiny wet black noses! Their noses quivered as they sniffed.

The baby squirrels sniffed Max's diaper making him blush. They kept sniffing him which he didn't like so he squeezed a squirrel's nose. It squeaked like a toy. Max giggled as the squirrel rubbed his sore nose.

The squirrels then pinned him down as the squirrel who was sniffing him decided to sniff him again. Max blushed and wet himself because of the squirrel sniffing his diaper. The squirrel then crawled onto his stomach and smooshed his shiny wet nose into Max's. It felt wet and slimy. He then instructed the other squirrels to release Max.

The squirrel then pulled out a remote and pushed a red button on it. Above the play pen was a grownth ray. The squirrel was zapped and grew bigger and bigger... until Max was the size of a doll compared to the giant squirrel. He grabbed Max, bringing him close to his face. He sniffed the tiny boy. Max struggled and squirmed. The squirrel put Max down and sat before him. Max climbed onto the squirrel and stuffed his hands up the squirrel's big wet shiny black nose. Splat! They sunk into something slimy. "Yeeeuck!" Max groaned as he tried to pull his hands out, but they were stuck in a green goo that stretched every time he tugged at it. It was some kind of very strong glue like gunk. He struggled and squirmed tugging at the gooey boogers.

The squirrel groaned in disgust as he watched Max struggle until he eventually tore free of the boogers and fell on his diapered butt. Max groaned as he saw his hand were oozing with thick layers of slime dripping everywhere. The squirrel glared at him and rolled his eyes. Max splattered his hands together and tried prising them apart. They were stuck together, he stretched the resulting goo like an accordion grunting as he struggled.

Yeeuuuck! Thought the squirrel as Max struggled until he managed to tear his hands free of goo.

Max felt himself be lifted up by an invisible force. He floated before the giant squirrel. The squirrel chattered and squeaked.

Max's stomach gurgled and he winced as he messed his diaper. Kersplat! The squirrel grinned and the force yanked Max backwards pinning him to a wall. The squirrels climbed on the giant squirrel and picked out boogers from his nose and threw them at Max, they splatted and stuck him in place by his hands. Max struggled and squirmed.

Max watched as the squirrels changed his diaper, it was a familiar task, but he still winced when they tore off his dirty diaper and when they wiped his backside with wet wipes. Once he was changed they freed him from the slime holding him to the wall.